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[2013.11.18] Results of 8th Guild Tournament

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Dear players!


Our regular guild tournament just finished and it was the tough one: due to technical issues our new winners already received prizes from last 2 tournaments. We promise to fix it and for next tournament there will be new reward -  Despot's armor.



All winners of current tournament will receive a set of Pumpkin treasury additionally!



Results are here:





1. SiThLoRdS - 325790

2. Vortex - 251148

3. HAVOC - 223756



1. DEVILS - 122364

2. BRnation - 109498

3. Online - 108991



1. AoA - 404965

2. THEBRS - 382991

3. SoS - 359691




1. Wolfs - 484152

2. BlowDeath - 465428

3. NaEmNiKi - 289594



1. Abstergo - 281322

2. nWo - 250467

3. Imperija - 160959



1. Nuclear - 390394

2. Macmepa - 309434

3. Otmorozki - 253257




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Are u guys fu**ing kidding me... we would never had smashed in this tourney if u had told us we were getting the same god damn costume we already have... and for u to offfer us some bullshit ass pumpkin chest as a compensation is a ducking slap inthe face and shows u dont give a  fucc about us...great job devs :aggressive:

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Dear players!


Due to technical reasons new costumes were not added to the game. Winners of current tournament will receive Dictator's Coat. And additional prizes - 10 x Pumpkin Treasury - with next game update as compensation for inconvenience. 





1st place. Black Dictator's coat


Опубликованное фото


2nd place. Red Dictator's coat


Опубликованное фото

3rd place. Green Dictator's coat


Опубликованное фото


Thank you for attention.


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lol this sithlord and other rich guild are always wining the tournament.. Hate it.. But they get nothing :D lol... Bt this tournament is letting non guild player to lose the arena everytime they are on pvp with the guild.. Damn that 5warlock pt...pvp... Cant move ssss.. Just see the char die... :D lol..

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stop complain use ur brain to think,

DEVs already do the best for this, but u will choose tourny costume or AYVONDIL??,, tourny costume just peace of cake, c'mon guys,

see what Laonza say they was prepare project ayvondil, let them focus with it, we all want it. if u guys not stop do it, and keep complain, when they will released ayvondil map?,, u ALL just wasted devs time with something like this, stop cry, be patience. enjoy this game, dont be greedy.

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