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[2013.11.14] Technical maintenance


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hey devs :) here is a story of a bug, i dont know if it was before or it just started happening, i just tried connecting to game when i saw us sapphire sever down, but my ranget at eu emerald was up so, i loged into him and while i demanded arena 3v3 for lvl15-18, i saw my ranger spawn in a random area close to starting point O.O idk why happened so i thought maybe i saw wrong (using nokia c7 cant take pictures) so i went again but didnt happen, i spawned correctly at my starting place, but 3rd 4th and 5th fight made me spawn 5yards down from my original spot , i thought maybe its bug position showing only on my phone but when i try to use trap skill, thats when i know im in the wrong place, closer to the enemie, i cant try it at laptop, but idk if its becuz of nokia c7, can u check it plz and ty :)


bug: in 3vs3 arena 15-18 makes u spawn in random place close ur starting point, idk if happened to other but only me i saw myself down :)

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