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Necro/priest shield expert


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How does a shield expert skill that would block certain amount of hits or block all damage received for certain amoint of time, cooldown would obviously be quite lengthy so it couldnt be spammed continuously by one person so maybe cooldown could be like 60-50-40-30 seconds and number of hits like 1-2-3-4 and be active for 10 seconds on all levels or the amount of time during which it blocks all damage could be 3-4-5-6 seconds


This would be beneficial in pve where necro and priest starting shield skills are pretty weak in the endgame and mobs hit hard, in pvp penetration or fero or something could hit through it or have a chance to break it so it wouldnt totally break pvp 


Or passive weaker shield like starting skill with constant energy consumption but it could stack with other shield skills 


If you havent guessed i just want thise shield skills to be good 

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I feel you, there were some topics about buffing necro and priest basic shields but nobody give them attention, i gues cuz not many players play necro and priest as main chars, at moment  they have the worst shields in the game even on 5/5 with +1000 magic power that shields dont absorb more than 1800 points of dmg (i have tested it) witch is joke for me, they need a verry big buff honestly even if they give them 3k shield hp + % of your magic power with same cd it will be still okey cuz necro and priest are allready verry hard chars to play (the hardest in the game in my opinion) also will make for seprate build were you chose to max the shield insted of the heal witch ill add more builds for the char.

Or other idea is to make those shields to shield everybody in the pt (ofc still with sligth hp buff)  that will be verry usefull in pve where all new dungs and events mobs/bossses have 5k crits this will be verry usefull and can even bring weak players with you without worry they get nuked every run.Sooo i ask tooo plssss buff necro and priest shields they deserve it

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