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best costume per class?


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Those who know by now know that Im anti-mainstream and dont like to follow the crowd.

But I just wanna hear everybodys opinions.


what is the best-looking costume for each class?


You can add your opinions about weapon skins too.


and please, do not say "the best costume is whichever you like most" or "vampire/wedgehead for all"

I would like responses with a different costume for each class.

thanks ;D

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Barb,Dk and Paladin    Tree skin 2h + wild boy/girl

Ranger                        Soft wood bow skin + wild boy/girl  :blush:

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Hmmm, I think


BD: dragon hunter

Druid: holiday boy herald

Ranger: Snow Elf


Paladin: priest novice outfit

Priest: angel/cupid

Mage: dragon charmer


Barb: werewolf

Shaman: wild boy/wild girl

Rogue: troll, ninja or ranger novice outfit


Dk: wedgehead

Necro: vampire/vampiress

Warlock: pumpin head/sam hain suit or demonologist suit

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Wildboy set-->for druids with late 90's Afro hair-cut + epic custom colour ofc with doom skin xD = sexy look :shok: ......simple white rabbit suit + atleast +9 weapons with skins with all white glitter here and there (scary illusion)= Bds :spiteful: nothing beats it :rofl:



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Either of the black vampire costumes and archmage staff looks great on any caster class. Little bit mainstream tough it seems ;D  Seen so many ppl with the same setup that i have :cray:



Bd/rogue with white hair evening tuxedo and tested gladius x2 rocks






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