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Help, my friend account has been banned without knowing why...


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My friend has been banned, and we didn't know for what reason. I just help her coz she doesn't know how to get answer from dev faster.

Her char is Leegikwang. And since last month, have sent many e-mail to dev via support site. But still no answer untill now.

Please dev, unblock my friend acc. Coz I know she has did nothing to be blocked.  :( :( :(

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Dear Player!

Your account/device have been blocked permanently due to multiple violations of EULA and our terms.

Most common reasons for block are


- selling and trading accounts

- creating and using more than 2 accounts

- using someone else's account

- changing password and login of account you didn't create


Please, read our rules which you have to follow while playing Warspear Online http://warspear-online.com/en/rules/eula и http://warspear-online.com/en/rules/community


Please, check FAQ about reasons of blocking access to the game.


Technical support is not obliged to provide any evidences (documents, screenshots, logs, etc...) confirming violation EULA and rules of conduction, which caused full or partial block of access to the game

Terms of blocks are determined individually. Repeated violation of the rules may result in permanent blocking of access to the game.

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