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why so much agression

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i see that mc and elf are killing eachother on sight , idk why so much argession .

i mean this gme is meant for fighting , but imo there shouldnt be that much agression between mc and elf .

for lower lvl players its very hard to do all the cl quests

i think it should be like this : for ex u go to do cl , if enemy faction doesnt jump on u , u dont jump either

if u dont jump on enemy faction when they re in your maps they dont jump on u .

i mean it should be neutral , since u dont jump on some1 u dont get killed , if u jump or some1 jump on u then kill him

as long as there are no jumpers cl should be easy to pass .

pvp cave .

i know that its meant to be pvp , but it shouldnt be killing on sight 30 mc vs 30 elfs . it should be a place to go in and compare ur power with other guys 1v1 , not just go and kill as many as u can till u die .

post ur opinion  :good:

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No offence but the game is called Warspear your suppose to kill the other faction so they don't become stronger than yours and most player get bored so they start to kill opposite fraction for fun cause there's not much to do in this game  :mega_shok:


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