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Elite skill points/skill


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I got the idea from this thread http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=95837.0 hope im not plagurising, sorry if i am.


heres how it works.


Every 10 or [insert number here] levels, players will get 1 Elite skill point to distribute to any of their skills, making them considerably more effective.


-skill must be lvl5


The bonuses that will be given could not only affect the skill but the player too.

e.g(Shaman- lvl5 lightning ball + Elite Skill = increased dmg + increased base moon dmg on character ~1-5%)

(Shaman- lvl5 Heal + Elite Skill = increased heal + increased max hp for character ~1-5%) etc



It could only just affect the skill without changing the character.

(Druid- lvl5 Root + Elite Skill = increased duration + DoT RooT Bondage)

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It's a not-bad-at-all idea.

I could add some variety to the game. I don't know...

Put some thought on it, it can become something nice.

Also, we have very few ways to 'customize' our chars. Skill points, Equips, Amplification, Enchants, and that's it.

It would be a nice add up i think. More variety in builds.

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