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[2013.10.25] In the honor of Median Night: gifts & 50% sale in the Miracle Shop

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Dear players!


On this week Warspear Online 3.9 brought Median Night to the land of Arinar! Nightmarish creatures, haughty Joker and mysterious Sam Hain are testing your skills and luck!


In the honor of Median Night amazing Miracle Shop sale begins: 50% discount on all items from 25th of October till 28th of October!



But that's not all! Median Night is Median Night is dark and full of nightmares, so even skillful players will need some help! This fool’s cap and bottle of tincture will help you to fight against dangerous monsters.

Level 3 players and higher should check their mail for gifts!



These items, unique costumes and many more you can get from Pumpkin-Treasury in Miracle Shop!


Good luck, have fun and be careful!


Warspear Online team.

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Snorlax said in a post of russian server: the costumes cant be unbinded.

TY DEVS!!! :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:



december 2011 costumes were "unbound" for free during december 2012 event, AND can be "unbound" now



why am i being punished for buying a costume for the october 2011 event?

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