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Existing skill modification suggestions (Range for Kick in the back)

Bruce Wayne

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Dear Developers,


First and foremost congratulations on the recent update. It's really nice to see the game developing towards balance between both factions.Coming to the rogues, the new negative accuracy has given warspear a new dimension I would say. Previously players did not want to invest in accuracy stat, now that's not the case. However rogues might need a ranged control or debuff skill I think. Let me explain. The things Rogues lag are, lack of resistance, areas stun, sufficient damage(when in dodge build, damage build is perfectly well-balanced), and survival (this is due to lack of range for the skill kick in the back). I strongly believe the kick in the back when added range to it, the class would be balanced.

I want to clarify that I don't want Rogues to be broken and win all other characters. I just want this legendary character to be balanced and compete with its counterparts. Please consider my suggestion I apologise if I have spoken anything offensive.

Thank you.

Have a nice day and please share your opinion in the comments section.


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All elf class have a better dmg skill than any other mc class. Stealth is like only one time use at arena unless can't gogue 2 or more players at the same time. It's hard to fight pala and thier sacred shield skill  cd too fast so unfair. I suggest for rogues to give the auto hit dmg skill at frenzy instead of critical hit skill same like bd and seeker have.

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8 hours ago, Bruce Wayne said:

I strongly believe the kick in the back when added range to it, the class would be balanced.

Hm, interesting suggestion. 
So you mean something like BD where they hamstring from 2 yards away? 


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(Translated using Google translator, errors may occur, sorry)


Of course, it would be great. This offer even appeared once in the Russian segment of the forum. It seems that the suggestion back then was to get the ability to use a relic on the skill that adds 2 yards to the range.
But my opinion is that the robber may have such problems at the moment:
1) His skill "Stealth" disappears before time (when the opponent has mages or, even worse, anti-inviz potions are used). This is very dangerous for the robber and, as a rule, after this he often dies/gets into control.
2) Stun with the skill "Tricky move" for some reason does not appear (Resistance, the chance falls just on those 10%, dodge/parry/block). In this case, too, a little chance, because the robber can not attack for 2-3 seconds, and during this time it is easy to take control.
Or, let's say, a situation where the stun appears, but the second enemy begins to interfere with the damage for those 3.5 seconds. Unpleasant, isn't it?

These two factors, in my opinion, are the most dangerous for the robber at the moment. Unfortunately, the offer in this thread is unlikely to solve the problem. However, the "Push in the back" skill is still easy to use even at close range, when the robber with "Stealth" is able to reach the enemy and stun with the "Tricky move" skill appears when necessary. You just use a "Push in the back" when 3.5 seconds have elapsed, which is quite convenient.
But I guess increasing the range for this skill won't make playing as a rogue any easier, at least not on a permanent basis. But this is my personal opinion and I can be wrong, of course: "Push in the back" is quite convenient for me to use.
Although it would be nice if it didn't disappear when "Resisting" so often🤔

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