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Chieftain - Builds

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Here's my build: 



Basic Skills:


Eagle Eye: 5/5 for maximum AoE Damage.

Possible Enhancement Relics: Since i'm at low level right now (and i have low Critical Chance), i will try to buy the 8% Critical Chance relic, so it will increase the chance of causing Bleeding.


Bear's Stamina: 3/5 because it won't be completely useless and i think just 3/5 is ok.

Possible Enhancement Relics: It would be very cool if i got the relic that increases the effect when the character has less than 30% HP, but i don't even know where to get it, so i think that the Relic that heals 20% of the HP (with 10% Chance) is very useful for a Self-Healing skill.


Wolf's Alacrity: 5/5 because... I AM SPEED! And because 200% Physical Damage is basically a better BDS*.

Possible Enhancement Relics: Continuous Effect. I will run for more time and i would have a extra time to attack the enemy (and causing a lot of damage).




New Skills:


Swooping Army: 4/4 because, actually, it's better than the other skills. It's an extra AoE Damage.


Curse of the Plague: 4/4 because... no. Just kidding. Nobody will use it (sorry, Remy).


Rugged Hide: 4/4 because we're a Mage that uses Maces. We need a defense (an AoE skill from a boss would easily kill us).


Cat Reflexes: 4/4 because Critical Chance is the main stat of the class, and the Accuracy bonuses are very useful.


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I built a similar skill set with slight differences. I have doubts about the first skill, I think I'd better add points to healing like you

My suggestion was that the chieftain was named dmger, so I wanted to maximize the damage dealt. 


Eagle Eye: 5/5 

With the equipment I have included below i deal 4 x 232 ( bleeding 90 per tick) = 928 total


Wolf's Alacrity 5/5 

Damage dealt ->311+622


Blow of the Spirits 3/5 

Damage dealt -> 666


Cat Reflex 3/4

It gives 8% accuracy (also +9% acc for 8 sec when enemy dodge), 14% critical hit. 

Energy consumption 8 units in 2 sec (its not the best skill at first expert to max, cuz at 20 lvl eat a lot energy) i just still testin:wind:

Swooping Army 1/4 at this moment

Damage dealt -> 116x2


I plans to develop his next skills: Max 4/4 Cat Reflexes, Clan's Help 4/4, Swooping Army 4/4


Considering my equipment is weak and not upgraded. These are pretty decent values. With on Cat Reflex i have 26,5% crit, also chief can easy turn on pasive skil bonus, with it i have 36,5%. That's a lot of value at this level, and it comes with some really nice numbers.I didn't think about it and didn't take a screenshot after BG Tower Hard was finished, at the end of the dg i had 200k dmg deal, it was #1 in dmg i beat even 28lvl dk.
It promises to be optimistic, let's take into account the fact that this class only has 5 expert skills. Nowadays and with a lot of crowd control skills, chieftain can be called an interesting pve class, as for pvp, it's hard to say, after all, only 1 root is a bit low.


Chief detail.png

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8 hours ago, Khrone said:

Here you can ask about the best PvP or PvE (or PvPvE?) Builds for Chieftain! :hi:

it depends on the situation
the one i found best fitting in pve(overall) was

hawk 5/5

acli 5/5

trashing 3/5


swooping army 4/4

hide 4/4

and cat reflexes 4/4

if u menage ur skills well u will be ok with a gearset that gives u 100 energy regen in combat (wich is 50 in combat) and using one handed maces is better for have higher attack stats but using an 2 handed mace allows to have higher skill cooldown n stuff like that


in pvp the one i had most effectiveness was

acli 5/5

trashing 5/5

bear pow 3/5


clan's help 4/4

curse of pleague (im not kidding im goddamn serious 4/4

hide 4/4

*use high dodge equipment, 20% from gear wich was the higest i got in the test was already good for dodge multiple attacks)

regarding the playstyle is about SEEING THE DAMN FUTURE and by so hitting ur enemy with rat and casting acli and rat as much as possible in order to get the clans help (best use rat for the last stack afther u used trashing on the enemy for the max dodge efficency) even if the gear i wanted to use with this build (full dodge) wasnt avaible it still good and helps in team fights due the rat capable to decrease the accu of half world (if u play it WELL) and can be a bd resist eater, if ur in danger, you can cycle the 50% movement speed my friend

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On 10/8/2020 at 4:14 AM, Drakoknight said:

I was in a party of a DeathKnight, 2 chieftains, and a rogue and we actually beat the dungeon. One of the chieftains use the rat skill to pretty great effect

Can u share vedio it will be great to have new ideas: ty

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4 hours ago, Mercurry said:

So far this class feels like a worse mage, being melee and dealing less damage both single target and aoe. Hoping for some good buffs

Mages don't heal

Mages don't ignore 45% Damage (because they ignore 100% lol)

Mages don't easily crit 4k on a skill (i think)

Mages don't use double maces.

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On 10/9/2020 at 12:53 PM, Mercurry said:

Got myself a brand new chieftain skill, does up to 80 damage at 270 magic TWICE! Great damage capabilities, almost better damage then a lv1 mage!:duckyduck:





Can I get a refund?


Gotta update, reached level20, got a little bit of gear upgrade, put the skill up to 3/4 and now its starting to do a bit better. Went from 270 magic to 350, skill from 1/4 to 3/4 and the damage the skill does to a target is 8x times higher. So I guess it could really use a bit of buff at level1, maybe 1 or 2 procs more.

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В 26.09.2020 в 20:50, lore сказал:


curse of pleague (im not kidding im goddamn serious 4/4


В 26.09.2020 в 20:50, lore сказал:


*use high dodge equipment, 20% from gear wich was the higest i got in the test was already good for dodge multiple attacks)

With high dodge equipment you will lose hp or mdmg. I don't think chieftain can be playable dodge character in high lvl content. 

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