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[2020.09.23] Game servers restart. Welcome update 9.0!


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3 minutes ago, Dia Thadarat said:

It’s facts not about drama 😂 it’s about u breaking rules and got permanent banned. How u tired hard to unbanned ur account?

can you go away, nobody cares here. 

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13 hours ago, Xavier Reid said:

How will you be on 500 ping for this game? The network delay is based on your network provider, not your connection to the server. I play in Oceania but there's no Oceania server, but my connection is fine in every server

Haha yeah sure buddy you clearly didn't play any other online game


You will get same ping only if all ws servers are located in the same place ( but i don't think a big mmo would do some dumb shit like this) 

anyway thanks for listening to what i said and letting us creating elfs

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