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Introducing the new system for selecting a game server for the different regions

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Dear players!


To resolve the problem which server to choose to begin the exploration of the Warspear Online universe, we decided to introduce a recommendatory system for selecting the game server for the regions.


Currently the server name include the prefix which will help you decide when choosing the game world:

  • US-Sapphire - America
  • EU-Emerald - Europe and Asia
  • RU-Amber - Russia
Also there will be new servers for different regions when population of players will be increased.
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Oh, I forgot to repeat - it is recomendation, not the rule.


Azebu: in technical point of view our servers able to work with 1000 players online or so. There are also device limitations - slow mibile phones will not work if a lot of players will be on the same screen (in public places like towns, for example). From logical point we will add new local servers by request if the country or language group will ask it very hard.

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if we achieve sufficient amount of players to make polish server, will we be able to imigrate there from existing server?

Ps. Polacy - dobra reklama na tibiiMe, i w cda pomoże ;P. Nasz własny serwer? Supcio. Tylko nazwa. Co wy na ruby albo amethyst?

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