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Many question about Legionner (ranger lv6) account on [EU]-Emerald

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Hi devs! :)

I saw many months ago one character on [EU]-Emerald called Legionner ( a ranger level 6 class ) using few tricks on your character. I explain:



When he go to arena and he don't want to fight against a good lv6 players, he LOG ON SAME IP ADRESS a level 4 bot to go arena and win easily without battle with other players.

I read on forum rules this point:

"Creating and using more than 2 accounts.

You are able to create and use (not at the same time from 1 device) only 2 accounts with 6 characters on each."

So he uses two accounts (that legal)  but in SAME TIME (not legal) in the same IP adress to get advantage on the game or in arena when he go.



I know in the begginings of the game, the level was in ranks (rank 1, rank 2... etc ) and when new version comes with a level up many players stays on low levels because he have good items etc...

In that player, Legionner (EU-Emerald) he use a LEVEL 9 bow in a LEVEL 6 CHARACTER so I think it not allowed to use that or, perhaps, delete your weapon because he make a massive damage to any player RESPETING the rules....

An example it Aoah (LV6 player from EU-Emerald): He use a LV9 bow (like Legionner) and devs are ban him because he not follow the rules of the game.


I post a pair of screenshots showing he is using a DOUBLE ACCES on same time to evade hard combats and another showing your NORMAL DAMAGE (282) and your regen heal on attacking mode (+33)... all that attributes on a level 6 it impossible.


You can take a look on your account or when playing can look if he use a double acces on same time and the items he have it a level 6 character!?!? Special attention to your LV9 BOW and answer me if that it LEGAL or not on a level 6.


Thanks for all and congratulations with the game. I'm a very fan :)



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he has just 2 accounts lol and i think is allowed to play on 2 devices for same player you just getting nervous coz he is strongest lvl 6 and u keep loosing to him soo u want tht he get ban but i dont think soo that he ll get ;) and is not his problem that warspear had no lvl system before and tht they didnt remove his items, there are many lvl 6 with lvl 9-10 items and legionner spend much mcoins to amp his bow soo i guess no one will remove his bow

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So... it normal he uses a composite level 9-10 bow on a lv6 arena or character? U are agree with that then?? All people are agree like you?? I agree with new system of levels on the game... That great! But I can't understant if 99% of players use a lv 4-6 items and he must use a LV9-10 BOW. Im not jelausy, only I'm asking to developers if using a LV 9 bow it ALLOWED to use on a lv 6 character or not... No more :)

Also... If all people can use 2 accounts at same time... Everybody can make a lv 4/lv 7/lv 11/lv 15 player and get party with himself on diferent devices but on same IP to make arena to not meet any strong player on arena because system enfronts players with same level? I need a answer from any developer... Only that. Thank you :)

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that player been playing over you, if that kind of thing happends i thiink its kind of advantage which should

be at old players,, new players must admit that thing...

:give_rose: :give_rose: :give_rose:

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Ever tried playing on 2 devices at the same time? Its crazy hard trying to focus on 2 things at 1 time. Your brain isn't meant to multitask like that. As for him having a higher lvl bow, its an advantage of an older player. Besides, how many people actually bother staying at lvl 6 to do arena? They normally just level up and stay at lvl 14 to get arena gears. His bow does more damage than others, so? If you want to, get a +10 novice bow and try betting him. I'm not too sure about how much dmg a fully equiped ice queen and +10 novice bows damage would produce, but it will deal a lot. Btw how do you know he is using a lvl 9 bow?



edit: get a novice +10 staff xD forgot you play a shaman. Also, shamans at low lvl suck in comparison to low lvl melees. Melees do more dmg than a you can heal/stun/kite..

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