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How does Astral stat works for our Heal?

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I'm just really bothered. Can anybody explain it please? I'm a level 18 Shaman with 234 Astral and level 5 heal. I heal 239 per tick. Is that reasonable?


When I changed some gear and was left with 202 Astral, I have 214 heal.

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Not sure with Shaman but I'm guessing

Heal has it's own base numbers, your astral will be devided into 2 and added with the base heal and added to your level, I think 1 level = 1 astral.


Same thing with Necromancer, except your astral will be multiplied by 2 and added to the base heal, so 1 level adds 2 heal.



Can't be bothered to test it.


One tip though, the higher the astral the lower the heal.

At 170 you get around 190 heal, at 250 you probably get 255.

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