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how good is my dk so far?


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ever since my acc got hacked i tried making a another dk (i dont know why) i leveled up to nine and thought i cant be bothered to level up anymore so... i use it for pvp. and im asking now is it good enough for now? i have a good pvp partner and im rank 28 so far, having challenges with higher ranked elves that usually kick my ass... sometimes, i will try to amp the rest of my armor and sword later so just tell me how am i now?



and gimme some tips on armor and pvp etc. cmon... help a brother out.  :drinks:






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Ye, make it lvl 10, and buy a spear


i can buy spear but better tactic with 1 sword. My arena partner uses spaer so im the tanker so i take the front line taking as much and dealing damage too whilst im tanking my partner deals alot of damage as she uses spear so i make sure im attacke instead of her or else we lose... So... Still thing i should buy spear bro?


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what should i use skill points on bro? My thorn is lvl 5 atm... Everything else level one.


Dark shield perhaps :facepalm: or maybe exhalation? :blush:
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