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top 3 bladedancers


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The Best Bd is :





Rest All noob look on Darkzain Self calling Best Bd xD

Another Noob Zethu always refuse to pvp and they only can gang with 2-3 noobs

Gayrox Strong but not enough to call Top Bd

Lendarios also Strong bd but skill >> Bd

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Hard to tell, most Bladedancers are only top cause they have +9-10 fully charmed equips but their equips and skill could be garbage. ex. Full Devine set, Double SD Blade and not using Sap or Aggro.


For now my list will be,






But I'm pretty sure most of their equips are garbage judging from the dodges I do without kick sometimes and the numbers my Lock/Shaman crit on them.

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You dont have nearly as much skill as others do zain sure ur bd is strong but someone with more skill/experience could win u trust me


now im heart broken



Nvm that have yall forgotten me darkzain jheez


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