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end of INDONESIA guild


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indonesia guild has been taken by natashya



and acctually it's not natashya

because natashya account get hacked by xxZerraxx

she already recovery it many times

but gm no answer


so look to what you did gm

back theok acc and back indonesian guild to his owner



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Shit anakbali think im natasya.

and he tell me bangsat . :facepalm: for what i scam indo guild  :facepalm: .


ALL people have a same things
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Theok is and old friend of mine we did tons of old Arena together when he was Deokman. If he need help how to write and express himself to AIGRIND.

He can turn to me.

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untill now i dont know what GM want to do ! no response, no care, no answer its all they did !!!i think they will care only with information full of money for them  :yahoo:


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