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Warlock vs ranged class


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Before update:

Warlock is balanced against all ranged class

Warlock is OP against melee class

Warlock is unbalanced for 5x5


After update:

*Warlock is weakest of ranged class

*Warlock is fine against melee class while another ranged class are still OP against melee

*in 5x5 is now fine


Take a look arena rating!

Is warlock on top? Please take a screenshot!

Stun skill is just annoying skill but it's not guaranteed to win, seriously staff users have 3.1 attack speed on weapon, the dark circle does 4 sec on level 5 skill, means level 1 DC is nothing.

Now Developers are really hate Warlock.


In democracy people, we need the fairness in both side, please don't discriminate one.


Rich warlock vs rich BD, once warlock got hamstring, warlock dead. Even if amping to +10 clothes armors are still weak against +10 2x swords. Now warlock can't do combo anymore.

lv5 DC = 4 sec

Combo: DC + life exhaust + fear + atk/dmg

Between DC and fear has 2 sec free skill for enemy, means BD can use hamtring when DC is gone, unless smart warlocks run away.



Warlock vs druid: sure druid wins

vs priest: priest wins

vs ranger: need a luck

vs mage: balanced

vs shaman: shaman wins

vs necro: necro wins

Result: warlock can't beat any healers by shortest stun

Druid roots warlock by lv5 root, sure warlock will lose 50% HP while druid doing free heal overal with still full HP,4 sec DC now can't be combinated to fear, means druid can use some skills when DC is going cooldown.


Say goodbye for all

Have a great celebrate for elfs side.

This is my last words, ty.

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At least give us fairness, easier to do chainless league like elfs sides. GM not only listen elfs crying about dark circle but they also made decision to nerf fear too that no one complained about fear yet. This is so damn, if GM is president, you will die by your people!

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Nerf bat always hurts, but its in motion and no amount of complaining will stop it.

It's not my intention to fuel the flames, I just would like to offer an alternative.

  Your getting nerffed, you can rage but then nothing constructive will come from this post, just angry posts.

  But theirs an alternative, many of you have a lot of skills and experience with locks

Use that, brainstorm ways to compensate for the nerf. The class won't be crippled. You just will have to make adjustments. Your the ones others will look to, if they see you screaming the sky is falling they will think if the pro's give up why bother. Time to step up

Help your fellow locks see that other classes still need fear locks. Locks are not going to let a nerf bat turn them into a blubbering whiny douchebags.


I know it sucks, never quit never die.

just offering a different pov

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I think insted of reducing the time of circles which would make it harder for locks in pve do something like limiting the number of players getting trapped in like ranger traps only once or like roots you cant move but can do normal damage coz when there are 5 circles one behind the other doesnt matter about the time they never end as even once circle traps all and just running around wont help as it covers a significant portion of battle ground. I think limiting the number of each circle to 2 would be a better option and still give a better chance to the opponents too. I only see the top guilds spam locks and shams and others are like tied up chickens i think everyone knows what I mean :unknw:  obviously all want a fair chance  coz elfs are too powerless in front of locks  :sorry:  we have no way out :search:  . so maybe consider my suggestion or i know you guys are more creative please come up with better ideas for arenas plz make it fair i understand 1vs1 is a harder thing to balance but 5x5 there should be. Cheers and thanks devs love warspear  :drinks:   

This was my point too

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♥♥♥♥♥ please, you said there's 2 sec between circle and fear? ROFL², theres any second between it!



I can't tank a BD? Tpain has double +10 and i tank him hard (;



Im Debuffer, the immortal, so stfu and stop saying shits that you dont even know about the class  :tease:

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