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Druid vs shaman or warlock?

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druid is strong class because of root and higher heal. After nerfing locks in next update it would be really hard for them. they easy can be stunned and because of the clothes armor and no heal every warlock schould get problems. Eccept Cazapollos because hes only demanding with 4 other locks in 5x5  :crazy:

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Druid will win



Druids can kite shamans and warlocks



Warlocks can kite but theres no point unless u want a druid which runs till full hp same with shaman



Shamans can kite locks but not druids unfortunately



Druids max magic is 410+

Warlocks damage 399 max or 400 idk

Shamans max same as warlocks.              (Please correct me if im wrong)



Druids just have that extra 4% damage

Shamans have extra hp and warlocks have that extra mana regen but who needs like an extra 4 mana regen when casters usualy have 20-40 mana regen.

For shamans +200-300 hp is not bad but 4% damage > 4% hp

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warlock good only for arena 5x5 or war for pvp vs druid warlock is noob .. my opinion  :blush:


I agree .  Warlock is only good at arena with others warlocks in party . Alone is easy to kill by healers class  ::)

Now shaman is OP :give_rose:

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