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Best shaman in eu ( new section)

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Oxfordboy - he was level 18 back when I started in v1.3 - respect for being a high level back then when Shaman was under played, weak and i only ever saw like 5 max leveled shamans on the emerald server. Today anyone can do a shaman +9 and think their bad ass. Simple truth.


Im only +8.
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Loveshaman , reezeeh ,vomm ,shyleen and shitley



And spanish too but he quit


heheuheehuehuhe spanish quit yea but wait maybe he return who knows  :spiteful:  and reezeeh same he quit but also can return ,  till that time I play his shaman so yea reezeeh second best shaman in eu  8)  thats mean me  :dirol:
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