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The Real Guild Tournament ( 5000 GP per win)

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I made 1 mini map that could work. The middle tellus forces players to confront each other, and you have to get a tellus near your enemy's respwn location. I think this could totally work  ::)

So devs, it is possible to make, hope you guys could implement it one day.


p.s. sorry for the bad photo, my phone sucks and the camera is even worse xD


Look its good but he say there will be 5, 3 tellus to win

So if it was bigge map with lot of places where tellus will be ( like 8places or more) so the tellus can get a random mood of changing

But I like the idea of the opposite side place where battle begin

Last comment the gp  :pleasantry:

U say that evey lvl will vs same lvl like 16vs16 and Bla Bla Bla

Dont u think that lvl 16 should take less gp then lvl 20

Or it's fair to give lvl 16 5000gp same as lvl 20

I guess all ppl will go make lvl 16 and do lvl 16 tournament cuz it will be more easy and lot lvl 16 ppl low amp and weak so easy to win

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That was just a draft piece, it can get more complicated later on when you have 5 tellus locations, and more of a maze to it. But i just wanted to illustrate how this mini lab could work and this is a really simplified version, where there isn't much of a maze structure to it like an actual astral lab. Also wanted to make it clear that players have to confront each other, otherwise its just boring, and not challenging at all.

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Suuuuuuper idea!!!!! But i bet my id in this dat it wont b included in d game.........n even if it is included.....d devs WILL find someway to make a profit outta it


ofcourse devs will find a way to make profit out of this tournament Idea...


but that is ok as long as there are no spams of miracle items....

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