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Who Is the Most Trusted In Warspear.

These are people That i Know Can be trusted but what do you think?  

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  1. 1. These are people That i Know Can be trusted but what do you think?

    • Uncommon
    • xxamitxx
    • pliskin
    • Abbozza
    • me(Godsrange)
    • natacha
    • anyone from pernicous really :p

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These are people (old) that I know for a fact can be trusted and if needed help with something such as transferring items from one character to another I'm sure they can help and with dealing to make huge trades for  very valuable items such as Blade of sudden doom (example: worth 1.2M or 40 set sign which CANNOT BE DONE IN ONE TRADE). This post will be used solely for the purpose of helping new people who dont know who to go to in need of help with such valuables and ect. And prevent being tricked or scammed. If you could please be so kind as to leave this post 'alive' that would help many people greatly and thus prevent more scammers. If I have not named you I am sorry but these are just the people I know who are very active ( a little too active I might add :friends: I'm jk guys  :tease: your awesome)  also I really wanted to put Eyituoyok there as well but the poll only limits to 5  :facepalm: . If you know someone who is trusted please feel free to post them here  :) thank you
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In my opinion, ask the really rich pros like Poley, Acrid, Pliskin all these guys won't need to steal to have some gold  :rofl: they've it enough of it to make a doom bow like 10k to then.. But over all i trust Elforme, mainly because he goes to the same school as me and if he scams me i can just see him the next day  :spiteful:

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