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[2020.08.28] Lights! Camera! Action! Meet the Video Contest 2020!


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Our game world becomes more and more interesting every day, being filled with interesting content that we really want to share. Additionally, editing video becomes easier and easier, to the point that simple and elegant editing can be done even by a child. This is why we want to remind you of the support that we are ready to extend to the authors of unique content about Warspear Online.

Partnership program for video creators and streamers:
If you are ready to highlight your in-game life for the entire world and fight on the front lines with a camera, then it is time to remember your creative ambition and get down to business!

We are launching a partnership program for authors unique video content and streams. Do you already have a channel about Warspear Online or are you just intending to try yourself in that? Boldly apply for participation in one of the four levels of the Partnership program with their respective bonuses and privileges. You can review all details

To honor the start of the program, we want to hold a video contest, already familiar to many. Below, we will explain what to do and what rewards can be earned.

How to participate?

1. Record a video from the game on English language on any topic you find interesting.

2. Upload your video onto your YouTube channel.

3. Send a link to the video to [email protected] or create a separate topic in this forum section, and attach your video there.

4. Put the name and server of the character you would like to receive the reward if you win the contest.

Requirements for the video:

  • It has to be not just any game video, but must also contain your commentary and meaningful gameplay: going through dungeons, fighting bosses, completing quest lines, participating in battles for territories and similar. Simply said — there must be some plot.
  • The duration of the video must not be longer than 15 minutes (less is allowed).
  • Quality of the video — no worse than 360p.
  • Music, editing, effects, webcam — on your discretion.
  • Recording must be done through a program for screen capture on PC, phone or tablet (OBS, Bandicam, Screencast or similar).
  • The gameplay must be entirely or partially recorded from the character that you want to receive the reward on. 
  • IMPORTANT! The video must contain a mention that it is being created specifically for this contest. This is necessary to combat plagiarism.
  • The video must be published no earlier than 28.08.20. Obviously, videos published before the contest cannot participate.


Competition deadline:
Submissions will be accepted until 20.09.20. After this date, we will publish the full list of contestants, so that you can evaluate all of the works, and we will start choosing winners. During the week, more precisely before 30.09.20, we will publish a list of winners and send out the rewards.


It is very important for us that the rewards match the efforts that you are ready to put into creation of truly high quality video. That is why the rewards will be as follows:


1 place - 35000 Miracle coins and 50 Seeker’s Stamina Elixirs 

2 place - 25000 Miracle coins and 40 Seeker’s Stamina Elixirs 

3 place - 15000 Miracle coins and 30 Seeker’s Stamina Elixirs 

4 and 5 place- 5000 Miracle coins.


Also don’t forget about the incentive prizes that will be given out at the administration’s discretion.

Why is my video not suitable for the contest?

If your video was not accepted for participation in the contest, that means it contained:


  • Using other people’s videos (plagiarism)
  • Depiction of things directly or indrectly relating to smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks or doing drugs.
  • Depiction of adult content (of pornographic or erotic nature).
  • Depiction of psychologic or physical violence, including intolerance of other people.

We hope that participating in this contest will evoke your creative spark and you will want to further develop in this direction. We will gladly support and guide you with help through the Partnership Program. We are especially looking forward for applications of the authors that will achieve prize places.


We wish you inspiration and good luck!
Lights! Camera! Action!

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  • Holmes changed the title to [2020.08.28] Lights! Camera! Action! Meet the Video Contest 2020!
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2 hours ago, Drakoknight said:

Why is there a dude in his boxers getting chased by a boar?



This is the aftermath.



Edited by Higgings
Inappropriate, but that picture made my day xd.
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On 8/26/2020 at 6:46 PM, Holmes said:

During the week, more precisely before 30.09.20, we will publish a list of winners and send out the rewards.


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5 minutes ago, Zurp said:
On 8/26/2020 at 10:46 PM, Holmes said:

During the week, more precisely before 30.09.20, we will publish a list of winners and send out the rewards.


actually it is for russian forum but International forum kinda late XD

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1 hour ago, Angelxgod said:

I think dev take more days to choose winner because our video are too much good as each others :haha:

I can't decide whether this is an advantage or disadvantage :unsure:

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