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upgrade mage sun armor

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looks from overall stats,, mage cant stand with any other range classes..imagine,, even a 5k df bladedancer can be a toy for a warlock,, what about a mage with cloth gear+stun n skill mostly for melee enemy..


from my point of view,, mage is the key for the tide of war between mcsaken n elf-chosen... mage is our last hope for this neverending sorrow from arena n war...


support this thread please if u love to see ws back to its glory ............sigh

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and this is true.....


no one can say that mage is OP because of many defects of this class.


No stun skills

No appropriate cloak


Lets just say mage is the most unfair class in whole Warspear.



Felt sorry for all mage users.


On the bright side, be amazed on other mages who can still defend themselves or even win against these warlocks and shamans :rofl:

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