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200000000 volt amaru

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Name= Dark Elf Ironclad.


Faction= dark elf.


Costume Creator= Volt Amaru.


Based On= The sturdy elves that still inhabit ayvondil.


Description= 《Thousands of years have passed......Though the war for the SPEAR has ended. But the cost of victory was too high :'( 0- arinar was broken into pieces and factions. The once lush forests of ayvondil became the battlefield &  the dark elves were caught in the middle of it..

Hence they r now brutal like d highlanders..,their bodies r damnable like d forsaken....they got d discipline of d chosen.. ...but deep within they still retain their elven hearts♥:-)》

                                  ---- Captain Jack Swallows, Corsairs of the Nameless One----


Armor- Elven heavy armor costume styled in d manner of d chosen.,wid d helm jst covering the face uptil d chin.

The shoulder guard, bracer & gauntlet r all of the same mineral, i.e. admantium. It is considered d hardest metal in ol of arinar, formed frm d combination of nuadu's blood, harad's tears & garaan's dark breath.!!!:o

The Belt is made of gold nd attached wid a rare n valuable piece of CRIMSON CORUNDUM:-P

The thigh region is protected by a skirt armor-loincloth combo intricatly designed by denizens of eternal forests.

The revived legions campaign may have failed but they gained priceless knowledge.

By using a dark elf's corpse nd beranger 's scrolls, they have created a brand new costume- the IRONCLAD SERIES!!!!¤_¤

By using a special medallion nd providing it wid necessary mana/prana/od/chakra//ki/haki/reshi(a.k.a. fan service XD).,one can not only wear d armor but also the semi-artificial skin of dark elves which is inky-blue in colour.

Dats right....d new costume comes wid a full body takeover costume..coverin u folks frm head to tow in dark elven hide x-(

The entire upper armor is jet black n shiny silver in color...the loincloth is peach color while d treads r dark brown in color.


The costume is ideal for shield n sword combo as well as for using helberds & spears.



PS== wrote too much but my pc crashed..so had to draw n post instead:-(:'(o_O

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