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Impossible dream quest (quest for fun)


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Girl, if you with him saying i spammed saying just once "lol". Go and report my post, *i bet it will be deleted* Or do better and go learn what is spam, thing you and he don't know yet  :unknw:


Spam is a brand of canned ham, it was a joke homie...chill out...

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on 90% of threads its like chinese wispers... the first page is on topic and by the 3rd page ur like this isnt about a new "impossible quest" this is about wheather lol is spamm...      :wacko:                        :wacko: t

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You dont think that 6 shadows is hard enough? :facepalm: You have to sacrifice like 3 players just to kill one of the shadows... :aggressive: And it would be that hard to get the quest. maybe the boss part is ok but make the adds down to like 5-10 not 20. And dont have it for 6 bosses surround the quest giver... :bomb:

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