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Warlock: Damager or Support?


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Why is Warlock the only damage class that has more debuffs than damage skills?


Pure damage skills: Arrow of Darkness (M) and Shadow Sphere (H)

DMG debuffs: Exhaust Life (L-M), Pool of Darkness (L), Blood(y?) Tribute (Never tested, needs the enemy to NOT use skills for the skill to deal 100% of the damage) and Hex (Never tested, people use it for Silence more than Damage)


L = Low damage

M = Medium damage

H = High damage


    Basically the only skills that make it a really damager is Shadow Sphere that has a high explosive damage and Arrow of Darkness that has medium damage and low cooldown. 

    I mean, debuffs make sense, since it's a Warlock, but nobody uses Bloody Tribute and Hex for damage. Don't you think that Lock needs a good (pure) damage skill?


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8 hours ago, TheCaster said:

My suggestion would be to make pool of Darkness a pure Damage dealing aoe skill and increase the amount of damage per level while decreasing skill cooldown. 

Sadly, this can't be made.

Without Pool of Darkness debuff, how Fading would activate?


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