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Demon Chopper


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Made by a MountainClan player :yahoo:


I am a new player, and heared of this contest soooooo I wanted to participate, this is my first time i join a Contest et forum. 

I wanted to make a Healer/Warlock/Mage outfit and this is the result  :drinks:  but everyone can wear as well  :pleasantry:







- Helmet is a DEMONSKull

- Diffrent purple (dark/White) Cloths/Silks are used to make the outfit complete

- the White parts (arms & legs) are Human Bones ( :shok: )

- The Red Parts are Dragon Bones (Chest &Body)

- The front of the boots are from Bones and Diamond material

- Skuls on left and right are young human skulls...


Hope you like it :spiteful:










- Cagr


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