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Balancing in Different Servers

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I'm opening this topic just to ask to the game developers:

How will you try to balance the game?


    If you nerf Elfs (or buff MCs), only 1 server gets worse (one of the russian)

    If you buff MCs (or nerf Elfs), the rest of the servers will get a little balanced, but not the russian one (i think it's the Amber)


So basically, it's impossible to "balance" one side without affecting the other. 

It is possible to "balance" the game in each server without make one side completely destroy the other?


By the way, do you (not the developers, but players too) really think that are the classes/skills that needs to be balanced?

• Or it's the number of players on a specific side?

• Or it's because one side has better equipments than other (i think that 5 players +10 can easily kill 10 players +0)?


There is something psychological that makes everybody choose one side ("Elfs good, MCs bad" or "Elfs weak, MCs strong warriors")?


Can faction games really completely balance every class (mainly Warspear, that has specific classes for specific factions)? 

It is easier to balance games like Skylore, that both sides has the same classes?

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