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Your suggestions about costumes, skins and stuff

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Hello there, it's Aigrind :)


People of Arinar, we need you!

Our game is growing and extending, but it can't be that cool without your participation so we need you suggestions about costumes, decorative skins etc to be made in the game.

Provide your ideas and thoughts, don't be shy and we will try to add the most popular and coolest stuff to our game.


Good luck and thank you in advance for you participation! 


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hm, wait i find


btw why put in general :D

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It would be cool if we could skin any weapon in our inventory to our weapon of choice.

This way old contect equipsments with cool designs ( SD Weapons in future ) will be used also in the future and some people may like the designs of items of lower level or with stats they dislike, not just that but also since swords can be skinned to axes and etc some classes may want their weapon to look like one they can't use.


For people that have played World of Warcraft, it's like transmogrification.


Also it would be more fun if you added different ways to obtain skins and costumes other than buying them or lucking them out from chests.


Also new hair styles would be cool and probably new colours, maybe you could add like 2 or more colours in one, eg. Rainbow haircolour.


Not sure about new costumes but also add more colours of current ones, eg. Red tuxedo.

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i hve idea costum, how if the costum like hydra or khaz-maar or any monster. its look very big.

or how with soldier/marine costum O:-)

or minecraft costum

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A Jason costume would suit me perfectly, perhaps an idea for upcoming halloween event`s?


As for the current costumes, I`d like to see more Lord sets.


Some new skin idea`s.

Whip skin for swords.(take a look at Gariel etc)

Demonic staff skin- Like the demonic logo (forgot name)

Holy staff- Like a T



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Thats all trade marked, yuk. They'll get sued. But um... Id like to see a ninja costume.  8) I like the idea posted earlier about making skins that look like regukar weapons. I love the look of shamans novice staff, and warlocks novice staff. Wish I could use it with nerfing my character, or staying lvl 6. Also, I think itd be cool if you guys put troll costunes in mc shop. :-[  And if you guys do new hair sets, do one that looks like horns. Like abyss zealot minion horns. Why do we all gotta look human?

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2 handed sword/spear/2 handed mace/2 handed axe skin

but it shuld gold's or blue


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Add more animal costumes, like tiger, bear wolf etc...

For next halloween event something like: zombie costume, some scary butcher or something like that...

And ofc superhero costumes would be cool :D and lego guy


And weapon skins that look like some ordinary items would be cool  ;D

It would be so awesome to beat someone with a coffee cup :rofl:

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Make a blade skin



Werewolf head  i think you know what i mean



Make Some Lucifer Costume with red eye and used A Black  wing

Because it will be so great if combined with Were wolf head skin



And the stuff make an haloween ring

That can give us some rare effect



make a Rune from miracle shop that just will be added in that event

make a costume from miracle shop (just sell in that event)



Make some chest  like last event  ;D 





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Beloved Devs,could you add 'Princess dress' costume set that were on miracle shop before.I don't know they've been removed.


Next would be decorative skins for stave as there are only 3 skins.


Lastly,the Halloween costumes from last year were amazing and that is something i want to see in shop.


Thanks,i appreciate for allowing us to share our suggest on this.

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Come on guys! This is an old history! We already know Superheroes CAN'T be added !


★  White kitty !

★  Rainbow Panda  ;D

★  Princess for sure *-*


About skins , i know this is a "war" game , but there are girls too , come on  :blush: make some girly skin for us :D ahahaha !

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Green Kitty, Black Cat, White Kitty and Cat! Also the old Sorceress, the purple one, it was very sexy ;D

I'd like to see skins with less details, don't really like the current ones, they look heavy, I don't know how to explain...



Anyways, you guys could check some npcs, they use pretty nice clothes! Like this one!


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