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Conept classes/factions


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Hi devs. I decided to make a few suggestions for possible future classes/factions. Let me know what you think please.


Alliance: Dwarves

Racial passive: Toughness. (increased endurance)


Hunter: Bow/ crossbow/ rifle (future concept)

Light armor. Dmg dealer.


Mark of the hunter: increased dmg to target for duration but decreases crit %. Dmg inc + crit % decrease per lvl studied.

Net Throw: stuns target enemy for duration. Duration inc per lvl studied.

Charm: Turns mob unit into ally temporarily. Duration inc with lvl studied.

Haste if the wild: inc att speed of hunter but decreases accuracy. Att speed increase + accuracy decrease increases with lvl studied

Fatal shot: powerful shot. Dmg increase with lvl.


Warrior: 1/2 hand axe or mace. shield. heavy/light armor.


Taunt: Taunts target for duration. duration increase with lvl studied.

Dwarven strength: Increases dmg per blow hit. decreases att speed. dmg increase + att speed decrease increases with lvl studied.

Hardened skin: increases armor rating per lvl studied.

stunning smash: stun enemy for duration. duration increases with lvl studied.

Massive Blow: powerful hit. Dmg dealt increases with lvl studied.


Wizard: fire/ice/astral magic, staff, cloth armor.


Healing Salve: Heal ally over time. % of astral magic used. duration increases with lvl studied.

Imprisonment: target trapped in frost until attacked. duration increases with lvl.

Blizzard: AOE skill. waves of ice rains on target area. % of frost magic used) amount of waves inc with lvl. starting with 1 or 2 waves.

Frost armor: Reduces % damage taken by targeted unit (ally or self). Reduction increases with lvl studied.

Draining Flow: drains target mana. mana drained increases with lvl.




racial passive: Energy surge. increased energy regen.


Assassin: Dual dagger/bow/crossbow. Light armor.


assassination: strong blow. dmg increases with lvl studied.

Cruel blow: stun enemy for duration. duration increases with lvl studied.

Drow cunning: Increases critical hit % for duration. % inreases with lvl studied.

Feign Death: pretends to be dead for duration. all enemies stop attacking assassin. duration increases with lvl studied.

Gaping Wound: Causes target to bleed for duration. bleeding + duration increases with lvl studied.


Fighter: dual wield dagger/swords. heavy/light armor.


attraction: Taunt enemy. duration increases with lvl.

Piercing slash: Strong blow. dmg dealt increases with lvl studied.

Reduction: Reduces enemy armor rating for duration. duration increases with lvl studied.

Blade Flurry: Increases att speed & critical % for duration but increases damage taken. increase of att speed/crit + increase of dmg taken (armor reduction) increases with lvl studied.

Achilles heel: stunns enemy for duration. duration increases with lvl studied


Blood Mage: dark/ fire/ astral magic staff. cloth armor.


Thorn armor: Returns a % of damage taken by target(self/ally) to attacker for duration. % increases with lvl studied.

Blood Pool: AOE skill. heal allies (based on astral) + damages enemies (based on dark/fire) within targeted area. instant effect. uses 5 mana per unit (friendly or enemy) within target area. mana cost + healing + dmg to enemy increases with lvl studied.

Mana Tether: Blood mage drains a % of enemy mana and transfers it to blood mage. (instant effect). % increases with lvl studied.

Clotting Blood: Blood mage clots the blood of targeted enemy. stunning it for a duration. duration increases with lvl studied.

Conversion: Drains % of hp and converts into mana. 2hp drained = 1mp gained. starts at gain 30mp and increases with lvl studied

All of this is just concept ideas. Please comment on my suggestions.

To the devs: I have concept map ideas and beginning questline suggestions for these factions, if you are interested in them.

Please do not hesitate to make suggestions or just to list your opinions.

Thank you.

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they dont create new factions again



developer already said.

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Like I said, they are just concept ideas. Warspear is still very young in the gaming world. There's plenty of space for improvement or added content. These suggestions are for future ideas. Possibly up to a year or longer.

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If I`m fully honest with you then I have to admit that new factions aren`t needed.

But like you said it`s still a rookie in the online gaming industrie so perhaps this could be content for in the far future (2015+ maybe)

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