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ELF SIDE-->Sell signs (unity and normal)


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Hi, because i was bored to spam all day sell.... and i know that's ball breaker i decide to make a post to sell most of them. ::)


So, i sell:

---->440 signs of imperishabillity

5 set (50pcs) cost: 125k (125.000gold)

1 set (10pcs) cost: 25k (25.000gold)

1 pcs cost: 2.5k (2.500gold)


There won't be any discount, friendly price or better price if you buy many.

You can find me the times around: from 10.00GMT until 17.30GMT and after 22.00Gmt until i feel sleepy :P

My name in game is same as forum "Firedoger" pm whenever you want or exchange me, i will be near caravan and plz don't make me run to swamp for 1pcs ::)


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