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Help with low accuracy


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Hi, so... I reach the lvl 17 and i'm using the arena gear with rings and amulet of lvl 13, so my accuracy is to low, only 2,4%  :(

I need help to "upgrade" my accuracy, which equips i should use?  :blush:

Thanks  :drinks: 

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Ever tought about putting accuracy crystals in your hood and gloves?

And what weapon are you using?


Thank you, i was using only in the hood. But, anyway, has any equip which i use to have more accuracy?

I'm using the Astrologer Stave.

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If you want accuracy then get yourself Violent storm hood and shoes (unlocks accuracy bonus). But you will lose about 150 hp and 4% resilence if you are using reslinece set for pvp or something. Also get yourself [Good signet] x2 best moon/astral ring available. And when you get to level 18 get yourself Amulet of invard power or if you have done cl good  other option would be the lvl15 amulet from there( can't remeber the name) or you can get that amulet from swamps also but really rarely. And if you are still missing in accuracy then i suggest putting accuracy crystal on amulet.(not recommended)

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You just had to steal my advice dont you Raislin xD

Anyway, it`s already there. Goodluck.



HUEHUEHUE Steal stole stolen O:-)



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If you have low accuracy, so don't raise your blind skill, enemy's evation increased cuz of blind  and you will miss attack a lot.

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