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Amplification System + Critical enchanting.

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Let me clear some things up for you new people,





the amplification system is 100% 

Luck, the place, area, style of amplification you use ( spamming, 30 seconds, etc.) does not effect your luck. However, th 59 miracle coin option does have a higher rate of success as opposed to using signs. Common sense. You pay more you get more.


So, if you think you have a better chance amping at a special location of yours, that’s just the power of psychology. The system of amplifying is based on % chance, qat higher amp levels (+6-+10) the rate/percantage is lower.




Pretty straight forward, same as amplification , 100%  randomized.

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Yes it's true, you have an added benefit, why else would it cost more (59mc) as opposed to buying signs? Its common sense.

Because it's like repair your items for 19 coin, revive in same place for 49 coins. If you don't have more space on the bag for buy signs you can amplify for 59 coins.

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