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As a few here might know Fridays are game nights at my house and when cereal (night) is going home to the US. She might look for a game for our game nights. So I'd thought I'd make a boardgame post telling you about my favorite games, maybe you guys can tip me of your favorites :)




So I'm going to open strong with my current favorite game, it's called.


Smash up + expansion lv9000


This is my favorite card game right now, Smash up. A battle card game that's simple yet full of combinations that takes a long time to try and longer to master.


The game has 8 faction decks + 4 more faction decks in the expansion.


The original faction decks


Pirates - a deck good at moving your minions and blowing up many weak enemy minions.


Dinosaurs - the brute deck with alot of strong minions, but weaker action cards. Dinosaurs have the strongest minion in game. King Rex, strength 7.


Ninjas - a deck good at killing single targets of stronger minions and playing extra hidden minions when a base is going to blow.


Alien invaders - a deck specialized in "beaming up" your or opponents minions back to the hand.


Tricksters/gnomes - a deck built on strong action cards and messing with other players play performance or hand. OP*


Wizards - a deck that focus on action cards. Gets to draw alot of extra cards and play alot of extra actions. OP*


Robots - the pure minion deck. It's the only deck that doesn't have 50/50, minion/action-cards. Robots gets to play alot of extra minions fast and though most are weak, they buff each other and can fast grow from strength 1 to 4 in one turn. OP*


Zombies - a deck that uses it graveyard/discard pile. Gets to play alot of minions straight from the discard pile back into the game. OP*


*OP - these four decks are wildly seen as the overpowered decks of the game. They are so strong in themselves it doesn't matter what other deck they are combined with they are always a candidate for the win of the game.


Lv9000 expansion decks


Ghosts - the ghost deck plays by discarding cards and have alot of special effects that only occur when the players hand is 2 cards or less.


Killer Plants - a balanced deck, but alot of cards need time to grow and sprout. Stop them early or you get trouble.


Steam Punks - another action card specialized deck, but steamers reclaim action cards from the discard pile. They are also have good movement on their minions.


Bear cavalry - a deck with strong minions that will force your opponents minion on the run to other bases.


So with these 12 decks you take any 2 and smash them together to a combined play deck. For example my favorite to play is the - Pirate Cavalry (pirate + bear cavalry)


The game is very simple, on every turn you get to play one minion on a base (unless the base or ongoing action cards says otherwise) and one action card - unless you play cards that let you play extra minions/actions. Theirs no card cost or upkeep cost. It's just this simple and all you gotta do is read what the cards do and try to get the most out of your deck.


To win the game you you need the be the first one to reach 15VP (victory points) and to gain VP you blow bases. The number of bases on the board is always - the number of players + 1. Example, when me and my friends play we are 5 players so the board has 6 bases.


A base will have these features.


Breaking point - is the number of combined minion strength a base can hold. If that number is reached or exceeded the base blows. Usually bases have a breakpoint between 12-25. Example, the base jungle oasis has a break point of 12. If player 1 has has 2 minions, strength 3 and 3 and player 2 has 1 minion, strength 4 and player 3 has 1 minion, strength 2. Which equal 3+3+4+2=12 and the jungle oasis will blow.


VP score - each base has a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd place VP reward. For example on jungle oasis the VP score looks like this - 2 0 0. That means the player with highest minion strength gets 2VP, the player with second highest minion strength gets 0VP and the player with third highest minion strength gets 0VP.


All bases have different VP score, another example is Tsars Palace that has - 5 3 2. But Tsars palace also have a very high breaking point of 25.


Base abilities - the last feature of the base is the special ability. Almost all bases have a ability and it can be anything. Some examples are


The dread gazebo - discard a card every time you play a minion on this base.


Tsars palace - no minion of strength 2 or weaker can be played here.


Fields of honor - gain 1VP for every minion you kill here.


So as you can see theirs alot of decks to combine together to find which have a good symbiosis. And also theirs alot of random factors that can make or break your luck.


This was 1/2 hit games by the AEG company and I can only agree, this is a perfect card game for a game night with the geeker kind of friends. I'm a proud nerd ;)




Check it out if you like the sound of it and now please share favourite board games and/or card games

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I have more favorites at this time.


Stone Age is a favorite. A worker-placement game.

Betrayal at the house on the hill. Coop game where around halfway the games turns and it becomes 1 against the others.


I love a lot more games, but i guess these two are played most last time.


The game Bloody talk about reminds me a bit of Blue moon. But i guess Blue moon is easier.

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We do have betrayal on the house on the hill :) it is a great game and with all its random events every game holds a new scenario.


I will look for the rest u mentioned :)

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If you like coop games. Maybe you like Pandemic (with the expansion) and Police Precinct too.

Pandemic is a coop about you saving the world from diseases. With the expansion you get 3 extra scenario's one being the bio-terrorist (1 against the others).

Police precinct is also a coop but as the title says with a police theme. Played it yesterday for the first time with friends.

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Nice game  :good:

I liked how it looks like, I guess it is fun  :)

My card game was always UNO  :lol: ,so I couldn't tell you a better one.


UNO is one of the best games ever! Spades has always been my favorite card game though. Recently I learned to play Euchre And really like it. 

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Card- and boardgames... where to start...  ;D


We have a lot strategic games, like Catan (i like especially the old 2 player card-game), Puerto Rico (and San Juan the card-game of Puerto Rico), Maharadja, Amon Ra, Amazone, Euphrates and Tigris, and Stone age (like Elenitza already said), etc.


Since we are with 2 at home we have 2-player games as well. Not every boardgame has decent 2-player support (even when it is on the box). Examples are Jambo, Babel, Starship (also catan-family) and Rozenkonig.


Special tip from a friend:

If you are into fantasy-reading you probably like "Discworld: Ankh-Morpork" too.


Have fun  :drinks:

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