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[2020.07.18] Story Contest “Pensieve”

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Dear friends!

We are glad to start the contest of stories, dedicated to the end of the 12th year of the struggle in Arinar.


Many years have passed since the moment great warriors took up arms, overcoming difficulties prepared for them by the Gods of Arinar. Day after day they discovered new lands and met new heroes and creatures that often couldn’t boast their hospitality, instead lunging with their razor sharp claws onto their prey with the first chance they got. Many warriors still remember their first steps upon the lands of Irselnort, some even got to experience the wonderful landscape of Ayvondil as an inspired pioneer. And how many dangerous trials they’ve had to overcome to earn the trust of the people native to these lands. The story of these truly valiant heroes was written right before their eyes and even after all these years many tales remain untold. Today we have gathered around this bonfire to listen carefully...


Conditions of the contest:

Your task is to expand the history of Arinar with a story about a character or event that exists in the game. Want to tell us about Valaria, the Sea Witch or the Demonologist himself? All of these characters, of course, have their own stories, but those can be expanded, developed or you can create your own one. You can take inspiration from any event, from the creation of Arinar by the White Wanderer or the dangerous adventure in the catacombs of Pontifex. You will need to make your tale in the form of a coherent story, using figures of speech (similes, metaphors, epithets and others). 


The following criteria will be evaluated:

  • The coherence and relevance of the story in the world of Arinar.
  • The chosen theme and manner of narration.
  • Uniqueness and catchiness of your story


Rules of writing the story:

Try to fit your story into 5000-6000 characters. Less is allowed, more — not recommended. But if you are inspired and your story needs more space — be our guest.


It is prohibited to use:

  • Obscene words and phrases, even in veiled form
  • Discussion of political or national themes
  • Description of sexual actions
  • Insults of non-fictional characters (players, other people).


And remember — only one work per author!


Works breaking any of these points will not be allowed for participation in the contest.


How to participate in the contest?

In order to participate in the contest you have to publish your story in a separate topic in this category. Your publication will also need to contain the name of your character and server, so that in the event of earning a prize, we would know where to send it.


Rewards for the winners:

For authors of the most interesting stories, we’ve prepared the following wonderful gifts:


1 место - 50 Seeker’s Stamina Elixir + 15 Legendary Chests of the Arinar Defenders + any costume of your choice from Legendary Chest of the Arinar Defenders

2 место - 40 Seeker’s Stamina Elixir + 10 Legendary Chests of the Arinar Defenders

3 место - 30 Seeker’s Stamina Elixir + 5 Legendary Chests of the Arinar Defenders


Additionally, as an incentive prize, we will select various nominations with pleasant rewards, so absolutely everyone will be able to win!


The contest will last until 29.07.20.
We will need some time to read through all of the works, so we will announce our juries’ decision  a week after the end of the contest.


We wish you inspiration and good luck!

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Should I make a continuation of a story or can I just make a new one?


Been trying to right a warspear fanfic about characters I made up and friends in game but it seems I lost interest in it. Now I just need an idea for the contest.


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5 hours ago, Otanko Warspear said:

Posso postar minha história em 2 foruns?

Hm... não pois haverá um prêmio exclusivo para os fóruns da America Latina 😇

21 hours ago, Jcbreff said:

so i can have a story that has 6000 letters but over 7000 characters when spaces are included without it being "penalised" since stories over 6000 are not recommended


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  • 2 weeks later...
1 hour ago, saicreed said:

Can I exceed 6000 chars? I'm 4000 characters in and I just reached the halfpoint of my story. I think I need to cut things.


On 7/16/2020 at 10:01 AM, Holmes said:

more — not recommended. but if you are inspired and your story needs more space — be our guest


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