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Replace skills: Aggression/Taunt/Persuasion with more useful skill


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We know that those skills are need to attract any mobs to the tank but most people won't invest on this skills because its waste skill.


Much better if replace this skill with new skill like:

Magic resistance that will increase tank's all magic resistance depend on the level that will increase the duration also.


Just replace this skill and tank would be have a better life against any cloth classes in the game which are the most population in any server

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How about just staying with agro but this time in pvp it do: When used target loses his target like now but also target cant attack other players than  you for different amount time ,also this reduces slightly targets all defences. Time and defence fall depends in guild lvl: 1 means 1%defence fall and 2sec attraction and 2lvl 2% 3sec.... :)

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