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Demonologist - My Story About A Day In The Life Of A Monster

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    The frightful fear has gone on raising of the Sun in the Elven kingdom.But the Day begins with silent pain in kingdom,coz all people listenting almost the last words from my grand father,A great warrior.He finally taken last breath and moved his face towards me,saying "My precious days in Arinar ended,but I did not secured our kingdom completly.We must return happiness,strentgh & nobility to our kingdom.All our youngsters& farmers afraid and got struggles from these monsters maraksha,kratt,terrific dinalt & ginie and also they got pain at swamp island &labrynath.All these are seeming not in normal condition like before,A mysterious evil power changes their behaviour.Time is too less.Before ending of the Day,you must find that evil power and get solution.Meet my old friend Arnold at camp riff in your journey,he will help us.My last hope was you,Until my last heart beat is waiting for your victory in this terrible task.God bless you".


    After taking blessings from grand pa and from village people,I begin my journey from  village Gasphel.On my road of journey I got many wounds,  pressures and killed some monsters.At last i found some persons who fighting with Red name guys and I quickly helping them in killng those red name guys.After tuff battle over,They told me about these forsaken & mountain clan enemies stealing the Monster drops which are precious in Arinar world.All abrupt changes in Arinar and madness of Monsters becoz of them.

I told my grand Pa desire and they agreed in humble manner to help.


  Finally at mid day,we reached Arnold place.There was a crowd leading by Arnold.Highness Arnold telling to all "Here things going worse,soon We all moving to another Island called Ayvondil".Meanwhile Arnold saw me with great passion and wonder,I dont know why he saw me like that,He pointed me and said "Come on Young warrior,you seems great Sentinal".

I explained Arnold about my grand pa  desire i.e.Beautiful Elven kingdom like before.Also I asked him for help and blessings in this task.


  Arnold laughed and told, Unfortunately no one achieve this till today.But he suggested us the way as To remove this abrupt changes one must block Nadir way with Sun Shielding power. Only who kill and wear the Suite of the King of Monsters named Demonologist can do this terrific task.Some of my friends lost their souls and some came back with fear.

I interrupt Arnold like "But we the courage people decided to do this and even want to sacrifice our lives for the sake of kingdom prosperity.


  I've taken Arnold blessings and begin the journey towards the cave of Demonologist.I saw so many skulls through out our way to Demonologist.

Finally we reached Him.Yes! He is the immortal monster and had drunk the blood of so many peoples.Silent smile appeared on lips of Him on seeing us to kill. Quickly i went infront of Him and started killing,one of my brave friend healing me for saving my life and grand pa desire.

At the end of the tuff fighting he going to die but same time all my blood is also going to leave,my mates  stuck with demonologist guards,But Am still killing Demonologist hardly until my last blood drop in my body.Aww..at the final Demonologist died but am feeling that my soul also ready to leave my body.But strangely...

I alive,yes Am alive and Visioned my grand Pa died and he pass his last heart beat to save me.Dead Demonologist has touched my feet with sorrow and drop his Suite.After I wear that Suite,All people in Arinar saw the rapid changes in kingdom,And  all turn to intial atmosphere with full of Happiness and Beauty.I saw the Sun Shielding Power which shows my grand Pa happiness in Heaven.


  Highness Arnold hugs me with great admire and happily said that our journey now cleared to "Ayvondil".


Thank you.

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