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The Cursed Moon Warrior

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Today, Arinar knows me by the name of the Moon Warrior. The ethereal fighter, hidden deep within the hall of The Night where I wait and listen. However, I've not always been what I am today. There was a time when I used to be a young boy named Erik, always seeking for trouble and adventures.

I was living with my mother on the island of Islenort .All until one night when I saw a little girl playing a flute by the lake. I thought she might want to come on an adventure with me, so I ran towards her. But when she looked at me, I stood there astonished. Her eyes were of the clearest blue, however, they seemed to hide a deep sorrow within them.

‘Did anything happen?’ was all that I could mumble.

‘My friend left me alone here and I am playing this flute to bring him back.’

‘Well, where did your friend go?’

She pointed her little finger to the sky and said:

‘There he is. I can see him hiding through the clouds!’

‘Your friend is the Moon?’ asked I purely amazed.

‘Yes. I want to give this flute back to him but he is too shy to come down  whispered she , as so the Moon would not hear her.

‘Alright, I will help you. By tomorrow the flute will be back to your friend and every night you will hear him play for you. Now go home little girl.’

She smiled at me and skipped away singing something I could not understand.


‘I must have gone mad.’ With these final words off I went climbing up on the highest peak I could find.

Not long after I started playing, to my absolute amazement, the Moon started to gently move towards me until I could reach it by stretching my hand. It felt both amazing and frightening , my heart beating faster with every inch it came closer. When I was about to hand over the flute, an idea came to my mind. This little girl deserves a token from her friend, in exchange for her gift. So with a rapid movement of wit and courage, I tore a small piece from it. In that very moment, the gentle bright star revealed a cave surrounded by soul devouring eagles and death eating panthers. But they were all the the feet of the divine White Wanderer, the creator of  the world and the sky.

‘ Your crime will never be forgotten young Erik. From now on you will serve the Gods by slaying any brave heart who enters this cave which from now on will be your home. Your body will be nothing more than stardust held together by the Moon piece, which is to serve as your heart. The flute you are holding will be the sword that is your only power. Farewell Moon Warrior.’



Two hundred years later, here I am, surrounded by eternal silence and darkness in the depths of Arinar doomed to slay any warrior who dares to enter. I was given a sphere which contains my only memory, the only tale I rewind over and over every time the Moon replaces the Sun in the sky. However, today, of all days, I hear a gentle sound coming closer as a blessing. It sounds like the melody of a flute that takes over my frozen cursed nature. Along the years, many tried to trick me with their vial minds but no one knew my only weakness: the music of an innocent soul. I let myself taken by it, my chest embraced in its warmth. The next moment, was to bring me something I've been waiting for a long time. As the music becomes more faint .I open my eyes and I see the only thing that held me together in the hands of a girl with eyes the color of the evening sky looking at me from beneath a pile of yellow hair.

My ethereal body is slowly turning into millions of stardust particles reaching for the dark sky. I have been released from my curse and forgiven for my crime. Now it is time for me to help those who search for guidance in the dark nights and spread my light over Arinar from among the stars.


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good. "BIJAN" is iranian name :wacko: ;D


I am Indian  :blush:    But thank you all :drinks:
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