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How often do you play Warspear Online?

How often to you play Warspear Online?  

118 members have voted

  1. 1. How often to you play Warspear Online?

    • 30 minutes a day
    • 1-2 hours a day
    • 3-7 hours a day
    • 8+ hours a day
    • 7/24
    • Once a week
    • Twice a week
    • Once a month

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Every morning during quest reset I start questing either from Ghost Village or Ayvondil. By the time I've finished questing in all three islands it's already evening lol. Also spend a LOT of time chatting in guild, lurking in WC and TC, sometimes buying/selling items, checking market etc. ;D  Then at night it's time for RG and/or boss hunts with guild. That's it! :blush:  Also arena sometimes with guild mates or random. 8)

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How often do you play Warspear Online? Do you ever go to the website to find information or how does it work?

If you have any idea about the poll please feel free to comment.

I play 7 to 8 hours with 30min break when hungry and when duty calls.  I'm a new player and new at mmo so I'm soooo hooked right now. 

I'm starting to think this'll be a problem so I'm asking you guys if you have any tips on how I can play 24/7?? Thanks guys.  :crazy:

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I play this game more than 12 hours when it was just released.Now I played no more than 2- 3 hours,just to chat with my friends and do couple arena.After 4.3 released,I am gonna retired coz I believe its gonna get worse for MC side.Wasting $$$ for trash class(necro) is my biggest mistake in this game when the game doesn't provide good skill for everyone  :facepalm:

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