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post what you're listening to right now

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French music:

Alizee, Mylene Farmer, Joe Dassain, Vanessa Paradis...

Spanish music:

Antonio Banderas, Spanish guitar

Italian music:

Baccara, Adriano Celentano

English/USA music:

Dido, Christina Aguilera, Lindsey Stirling

Iranian music:

Arash, DJ Alligator

Russian music:

Татьяна Снежина (Tatyana Snezhina), Кино (Kino), Игорь Тальков (Igor Talkov)

Danish music:

Safri Duo

German music:

Boney M

And many others around the world :)


And of course, classical music in modern performance :)

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Allow me to write down the music on my phone... prepare!


-Where the streets have no name.

-Sunday bloody sunday.

-With or without you.



-The scientist.


-Viva la vida.


-Speed of sound.


Snow Patrol:

-Just say yes.

-Chasing cars.

-Shut your eyes.


Owl City:




-Wake me up.

-Hey brother.



-Counting stars.


Mad Savigni:

-A triatomic sin.



-Kiss from a rose.



-Dance of the pixies.

-Escape from temple.

-Queen of the night.

-Streets of the unknown.

-The last of mankind.

-September sky.


-Beyond the stars.

-Remember the dreams.

-Summer rain.

-Infected euphoria.

-Ecstatic wave.

-Gold coast.

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This song goes out to Queen Valaria, where every you may be we the people of maliat will always be with you!! We shall wait for you till the end of time!






You may ;)

But mac is shit, like all apple ;)


Did this little girl just say mac is shit?!  bruh...

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