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The Adventurous Life Of The Young Boar

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I walked many miles, before I saw some trees. I could see, that the snow began to melt here.

Maybe there will be some flowers I can eat, or some grass,” thought I.


I walked closer to the trees, and I could see a road which went from the top of the mountain to a camp with many tents.


Some tents! Maybe there is some food I can eat. I need to get closer to the tents to find out if there is food,” thought I while I walked down the road.


When I got closer to the tents, I could see some men and women. They sat around a campfire, while they ate something. I went closer to them. One of the barbarians saw me.


“Hey guys, we got some extra food,” said he.


They people began to laugh. The barbarian stood up from his place, and began to walk to closer. When he got close to me, I looked in his eyes, and saw that he did not have any good intentions, so I screamed and began to run.


“The young boar is running away!” screamed the barbarian.The other people began to laugh“Catch him!” screamed he so loud, that the people understood that it was serious.


Some people with sticks of wood stood up, and began to shoot blue, shiny balls after me. I got hit by the first ball, and it did really hurt. I evaded the next balls, and run into a forest. I saw a hole close to a tree, and crawled under it, in an attempt to hide from those blue-ball-shooting-people. I could see under my hiding place, that barbarians, blue-ball-shooting-people and people with a sword in both their hands, searching after me.


“Hakrun, can you see the young boar?” said the barbarian, who tried to catch me.


“No, I cannot see the young boar Berkus. But is the young boar worth it?” asked Hakrun, who did not look very well with his black ponytail.


“Yes, the young boar is worth it. A boar who escaped the great chieftain Berkus, deserves to be hunted,” answered Berkus.


“Kaaf!” screamed Berkus.The shaman ran so fast he could over to Berkus.“What do toy want, Oh great Berkus?” asked Kaaf.


“Two things. First, stop calling me ‘Oh great Berkus’. Just Berkus. Second, can you make a spell, that keeps my cloak clean all the time? My cloaks gets dirty so often, “ said Berkus.


“I am just a shaman, not a magic tailor. Such a spell is impossible to make,” answered Kaaf.


“What?!?” screamed Berkus.“Such a spell is impossible to make, it is easier to make a spell, that makes stones to bacon,” answered Kaaf.


“Bacon! That reminds me of the young boar. Find that boar!” screamed Berkus, while his red eyes became even more red.


I was afraid of the barbarian. I waited in my secret hole for many hours, before the people decided to stop their hunt after me.


“That boar is a lucky bastard,” said Berkus.“Well Kaaf, I must be content with your baconspell,” said Berkus.


“Well, we leave now. The young boar can anywhere right now,” said Berkus and began to walk back to his camp.


Hakrun, Kaaf and the people walked after him. After hiding for several hours, I was hungry. I went out from my hide, and began to eat some grass. The grass was very delicious. When I was done with eating, I began to explore this place. I have never been here, so I was curious. I walked many miles, but then I saw a big camp. I saw four guys, two with axes, one with a bow and one with a sword and shield, guarding the entrance. But they were all sleeping, so I went into the big camp without problems. I saw some big houses made of stone, very green grass (And very delicious for the readers sake), but then to my big fear, I saw Berkus.


“The boar! Guards, after the boar!” screamed Berkus so loud, that everyone could hear it in the big camp.


The guards woke up, and tried to catch me, but I evaded them, and I began to run. I ran out of the big camp, and out into the forest. I ran, and ran, and ran away from the evil people. I ran into a cave, where there was a young man.


“A boar,” said he.


I looked into his eyes. I only saw good intentions. I found a friend.


“Here is some delicious flowers, my friend,” said the young man.


I walked to my friend, and began to eat the flowers.


Опубликованное фото

(The story is 3.996 characters long (Space is included)

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Well, this story didn't receive a prize, but I hope it enjoyed the 250+ readers. You were the best supporters, and I wouldn't have hoped for a prize without you guys. Thanks to everybody who read the story, voted in the poll, and gave their opinion about the story. :friends:

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