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Ranger class guide *Old


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Hi there, i've recently joined this game, and i definitley LOVE it!

I'm a ranger on the Sapphire server, and i found the best way to max it out really quick.

Are you ready? Yes? Lets go!


Step 1.

Starting out.

We all know how you create one, it's not hard ofcourse, but how do we start out?

First of all, we will quickly run through the tutorial island.

We will have to talk to Master Talion, who is near the targets.

He will tell you to bring a list to Sentinel Ayvill, who is all the way down the map.

Go there and talk to him, click on complete and walk back, now talk to Master Talion again and click on complete aswell.

Congratsulations! You just completed your first quest.

You will be rewarded with a simple bow, equip the bow by following these simple steps:

Click on: Menu > Character >  Equipment > Left weapon slot.

Now talk to Master Talion again, he will give you the option to chose between the quests:

"Snakes in the camp" and "Way to the capital (End of tutorial)".

Chose the quest: "Way of the capital (End of tutorial)".

Walk back to Sentinel Ayvill, talk to him and complete the quest.

Welcome to the capital of the First Born and congratsulations with the creation of your character!

Step 2.

Making some money.

We will be making some money by walking to the right of the capital, cross over and walk to the right again, now cross over again, here we are!

You will see loads of fairys flying around.

Lets start using our bow, we will have to kill loads of them, it wont be hard.

Just stay close to the road and attack them when they are in pairs of two.

Once you get attacked by three fairy's, run to the road and try to escape, if this doesnt work, you will just have to walk back after you died.

When you killed the fairys, click on their dust and collect all items.

Try to get as much loot as possible, the best would be to get your inventory full of it.

Once we are done with this we will have to sell it at any shop which is next to the capital, we walked through here on the way to the fairy's.

At a certain point your bow will be dammaged so much you cant fight with it anymore, check the price you will have to repair it for which you can check at the blacksmith near the spawning statue in the capital.

Sell a little bit of your loot untill you have enough to repair it, if needed do the same to your armour.


Step 3.

Gearing yourself up.

At the same town as you sold your loot, you can buy the best gear, so dont worry, you do not have to travle.

The estimated money you will get from a full inventory of fairy is 2,5 - 3K

You can buy a durable bow, a master cape and the leather armor of guardian, but these things first, now we have the basic armour we can already go to step 4.


Step 4.

Completing the quest for a higher rank.

This step is pretty self spoken, just check for people with a gold illuminated exlamation mark.


Check out the quest book which you can find in the character menu for what you have to do.

On the map you will find the excact posistion of your objective.

Get 75 reputation by quests to rank up.

There we go!

Congratsulations on your second rank!


Step 5.

Let the money flow.

Repeat step 3 to get enough money for the leather shoes of guardian and the leather mask of the guardian.

Now you will be strong enough to pay a visit to the bears, which are located down the map.

You will have to kill these untill a full inventory of loot aswell, once you're done with this, you'll have more then enough money for the best jewerly and the rest of your guardian set.


Step 6.

Getting your final rank.

Now keep completing quests untill you are rank 3.

My advise: Make some friends or join a party to help you, because you wont be able to solo most of the bosses.

Once you are done with becomming rank 3, you should just get maximum reputation, you will thank me for telling you this because once the update is done, you will be rank 4 in no-time.

Congratsulations, you finished your ranger, you now are a succesfull ranger.


Step 7.

Money routine.

Getting bored?

You shouldent because there is an update comming, and you want the stuff comming out after the update, dont you?

Well, yeah, we all do ofcourse but we will need money.

So just keep killing the bears untill you have 20k, that's a fair ammount of money.

You can always make more money if you want to.


Thanks for reading my guide, i hoped i helped you out with this!

You can always PM me ingame for any further help!


Made by "Strength".

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You should call it diary, not guide...



Why would anyone want to copy you.



Tis' True.



That sounds brutal dude, farming fairy's is not the best way to make money either. Maybe initially, but really it doesn't matter that much. Just do quests and keep loot from quests buy all STR+ Gear and you will be just about as well off as this guy. Gold hoarders like this fool are gonna push prices up on gear in the update.

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Everybody has their own opinion...I think is best way to make gold is kill bears...They drop skulls and teeths ( not always ) so that is 12gold...But some players think that is wrong so I don't say that is BEST WAY TO MAKE GOLD...

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That sounds brutal dude, farming fairy's is not the best way to make money either. Maybe initially, but really it doesn't matter that much. Just do quests and keep loot from quests buy all STR+ Gear and you will be just about as well off as this guy. Gold hoarders like this fool are gonna push prices up on gear in the update.


I'm sorry for my late reply, but how am i a fool if Fairy's and Will'O'Wisps drop items with the exact same value, not to mention that i mentioned another way of making money later in this guide.


And there is NO other way then killing monsters for money, so i dont know why i'm a gold hoarder/farmer in your opinion, lmao. I could either kill fairy's, bears or wisps, it doesn't matter at this moment, since the value of the items are equal to the time you spend on killing them.



Note: Guys, please read the whole guide instead of a few parts.

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First worthwhile mobs to farm on are will'o'wisp's. I'll be translating my polish guidies anytime soon.


How are these better to farm on then fairy's, fairy's have lower health points and they drop items of the same value as wisps do.

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There is edit option, if multiple quoting u can open in new window and copy quotation.

I can't check it myself atm, cause out of premium and waiting for update. If you say so - I might be wrong. Still best way is to get rank 3 fast and farm on bears, because resp of both - wills and fairys won't be fast enough. It's not just about how fast you kill, but how fast you can reach another monster and keep doing that, not just until there is nothing else to kill. But if u say it doesn't matter where u farm, stay on plants and good luck.

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How many hits to kill one? Is there always full drop? = 2 items. How many hits to kill bear? You can always try with clock, 5 min farming on plants, and another 5 on bears. Single monster doesn't prove anything.

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Guys, we're going off topic, some people did not completley read my guid, fail at English or fail at a few calculations. ( No offense. )


It's just here to help people out who feel the same about creating your character as I and just need a little help.

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This thread turning into the fight area... :( This game is for everyone and everyone have their own opinion so please don't discuss what monster best for hunt, all peoples will find their favorite monsters to hunt  :)

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