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This is my first time participating in a contest warsear, but I hope you like it if I have bad imagination xD



There was once a young man named conan 16 strong, but he never came out of her house so her grandparents told a story about a strange ancient labyrinth in which I could find the perfect armor armor called the divine, the child was Conan so surprised that began training as fulfilled 17 years wanted to do something that they called chainless league in which I could win a super-space armor conan hard one years trying to get that armor until one day achieving what he felt very powerful was telling his grandparents but after a while felt that could be more powerful so insisted on going to the labyrinth in search of the divine armor but his grandparents did not quit but Conan did not give up so I told them if I mature in a battle in the arena I will surrender and will not go in search of that perfect armor such, but what he did not know was that his grandparents were a very powerful warriors so accepted.


When they went to the sand Conan of course use his armor chainless league and grandparents used a rare armor called heroic armor that was almost as powerful as the Divine armor conan but does not care because it was attacking his grandparents with all their forces but to bath since their grandparents in a blink of an eye and then derrrotado havian what Conan was surrendered but not desert in the middle of the night conan woke up and went out the window and went to the maze but it seems that his grandparents were not stupid because in the entrance of the maze were both esprando by Conan when Conan came and told him that we can say, you are very young and persistent so we will be with the labyrinth.


So Conan and grandparents entered the labrinto but it seems that his grandparents and has entered an, as there were experts in so went in search of the first object it was the helmet of divine defense provided a unique defense of a god Then they came to where was the defense divine helmet found a woman with snake hair was protecting jellyfish called the hull so conan and grandparents decided to kill her but it was very difficult to destroy as it was very powerful and even with powerful than their grandparents were even so could not so her tactics invented to kill one of the grandparents of conan said let's cut off his head, as jellyfish could combertirlos conan stone was so short and Medusa head and could get the helmet.


Then the barbarians decided to follow the path in search of the next object was divine gloves defense until finally arrived and found a diabolical magician that protected conan gloves so had an idea and said I'm going to cover me turn to stone with jellyfish cabesa until I could get conan achievement and unique gloves.



Then went in search of the divine boots defense and when they arrived they found a stone monster that was but inside was like the fiery infieron so called Anax attempt conan turn it into stone with Medusa cabesa but could not because not to effect then had to find another tactic and made evasive maneuver to his fireballs not slay one of the grandparents then had an idea to take away his power source was a precious ruby ​​in the chest and heart possessed so that one of the grandfathers of conan attempt but could not pass it and even died in the attempt conan when he saw one of his grandparents died I cry a lot but after the mystical powers emerged and suddenly his sword change from orange to yellow and very bright and his other grandfather told Conan oh my god you got the sword of death the world's most powerful sword so conan was attacked him and killed him with a single blow the very sad so he could get the defense divine boots but conan very sad would not leave her grandfather then took him back loaded until they reached a monster called legendary red alien but defeat the monsters was very easy since conan had a legendary sword that only gods possessed, so Conan attacked without pasiencia and pluck the eye and killed him and was able to get the front of divine defense, Conan was happy yet sad about losing a grandparent but suddenly came another much like alien monster called eye, eye hid not any kind of weapon but said something to Conan, conan eye told if I desire defeats consedere you want, how I wanted conan revive his abulo accept and fought and fought for long until achieving conan beat him and asked him to eye to revive his grandfather and take them out of the maze then eye with what little power he had revived the grandfather of conan and devolvieorn home, when they got home conan put on his new armor along with new and improved their swords made by gods then conan fulfilled his dream and so became the barbarous world better.


End :bad:

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