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Hard to catch up as a new player / new server.

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First of all, its a nice game. However catching up is extemely hard due the fact that there are people who have played the game for years, got into tight community and end-game. Its hard to get people to help out with quests, that requires to kill bosses etc. I dont mind throwing money on game, that I enjoy. However why would I ever spend money on a game, where I cannot progress, just because I cannot get past certain quests. Honestly, this game needs major revamp or a new EU server for the new players. Asking help in the world chat is quite useless aswell, its nearly imbossible to get help from there. 

Such a shame to see 12 years old game to die, just because devs cannot adjust the game. 

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I thought about a help chat that questers can use whenever they need help for something. It would be like a button in the quest info screen and

the help chat would work like info chat, showing the name of the quester and his level, the quest and its location.

Might sound like too much work, but world chat is too full of people talking...to the point that I actually turned it off despite the fact that I like to help sometimes.

Also needing to use two teleport scrolls to help someone because otherwise i spend over 10 minutes just walking...and if they need help with a dungeon that's

also a stamina point gone...


If you need some help on EU I could help you....although this doesn't solve the main problem.

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