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The Bleeding Letter

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BOAR CAMP: Asmund: Welcome Berkus strongest warior of Wolfs Dale, İ need your help my friend. Our messanger Egil was sended to bring Snake rıng camp an urgent message, but it’s a month now, and he still did not come back. Find him and bring at least my message back, things have changed.

Berkus: Not much of a challenge for me but.. For an old friend why not.


Few Days Later, Berkus found the messenger dead at Windy Pass.

I took the letter that Asmund wanted, but I saw an other letter next to Egil's corpse, it must be fallen from his pocket. I took it and started to read.


"If you are reading this, then I am almost certainly dead...


Stranger, i don't know you, but you must know, I had à life. It was not the best, not the worst, but it was a life. It was hard , a strugle, but i did not complain, it was, afterall the life that God had given me.


Tell my wife and daughter that I love them, and take my ring with you to proof you right, I couldn't keep my promise, i'm sorry. Tell them I died with honor, then.. mabey.. they'll forgive me...


Stranger can you do me a favor? Can you slay the one that left me here bleeding to death, he call himself the bear Berseker. Onley then I can rest in peace.


Darkness is taking me, its hard to breath.. It's getting cold, my fingers are freezi...."

The letter written in blood stopped there. A cold freezing wind put me on my knees. Then I realised.


The land of Godgorrath, the home of life and death, gave a great humble strength to the Mountainclan who survived its hardships. Mountainclan had gone beyond death and it held no fear for them. Not only for his wariors but also for all MC's!

Don’t worry your vengance will be mine, rest in peace Egil...

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wow!! your story is nice! i can feel the emotion by reading it.  :good:


anyway, thanks for reading weird but funny story of mine XreaperX  ;D


best of luck to us all  :give_rose:

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