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my War Day - Arnold

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Oh..!! its day already.

Hello their my name is Arnold not 'Arnold schwarzenegger' :blush:  but I ain't any less strong than him. :) 

Let me have a quick look on all the guards so as the towns security is ensured. All guards seem working with all loyalty and honesty that's good  :good: . seems like today is a wonderful day ;D . Let me quickly say hello to my old friend the chainless league buyer. He seems fine though not sure he is happy because some hero's are killing him, but i don't think he is dropping any weapons  :crazy:  . Since version 3.6.0 is out all hero's come to me sincerely and do the task i give them lmao the truth is all need guild points hahaha :lol: . oh my god  :shok: !! calm down all, not running anywhere going to give tasks to all one by one..... husshhh !! that how my mornings are  now a days.. Ever since new things been introduced in Irselnort like new arena season, Norlant Swamps, etc population in kamp-riff has gone down, before this place use to be crowded with all the heroes, oh well!!  There is a new guy in my kamp-riff the warehouse keeper he is kind of shy but is friends with Rolu-Arhn. Oh well! soon he will mix up with others too.


Oh look at the time its afternoon already......

Time to check with guards again... everything seems alright. Sorsha and I where drinking beer few nights a go  :drinks:  when she placed her anger about the mountain clans and the Forsaken's. I have defeated many enemies in my lifetime and will keep fighting them. I ain't  afraid of death my life is devoted towards the safety of kamp-riff and my people 


There is some problem i think the guards on foot of grey mountains have reported about the attack of few rogues on foot of grey mountains "all guards alert we are expecting a war all guards alert"

This silence is the silence of big war i can tell it with my past experiences. According to fresh report from Velaid a huge army of mountain clans and forsaken is heading towards kamp-riff. The war has already started on the foot of grey mountain.... already lost many warriors but a war is a war.... i feel sad for all the warriors we lost but there is no time for sorrow in war........ :diablo:


Few days before the a young magician had predicted a war in her words she said "I smell death, I see corpse ".....


According to the guard the are enemies has entered Triumphal Square (i.e. the north of kamp-riff). All the heroes have given an alert about the war and thy are heading towards kamp-riff.


Same report has came from the guard of story road and Tower ruins... Omg..!!! enemies plan to attack kamp-riff from all the sides..

But we are ready for them all my guard are alert and ready......


:diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :diablo:


And than it happen a huge army of mountain clans and forsaken attack riff.... All I could see was huge crowed of red names heading towards us........

Me and my warriors fought and fought after all blood shedding is a part of every war......


the more we killed the more enemies kept on coming all my warriors where badly wounded.... but the enemies where more to add up to our problems the enemies summoned fire bodies out of avenger stela....


But  the enemies had to taste the soil when the heroes from other towns joined the war.... i ordered few of my warriors to take care of rage of avenger because the heroes where enough for the the enemies... There was blood everywhere, and not to forget the corpses..... we where not able to see the ground because it was completely covered by corpses


The enemies gave up and the war was over.... Once again we had won and the enemies run like cowards back to their town..... 


Oh... its night...

time for some beers since the victory is ours  :drinks:  tomorrow is another day..... another war..... another win...... :dirol:

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Eww i thought your fantasy story is about Arnold,the terminator Guy wen i read the story name. :bad:


But not bad choice for character name.It suits ya lmao :rofl:  Goodluck Neelam!

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Wow neela..... how long did it take you to write this story babe :) ?



just used lill imagination and tryed  to give re birth to the things happning in riff also when thr is a war when mcs attack riff

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