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Yes im a guy, and i dont need to use pot duel with u .

dont talk too much, and dont ever make my name down  :facepalm:


i never use pot duel with mc on 1 Vs 1 except war  :lol:

u always make a story, a top ranger / bd / druid can't beat u.

dont think like u pro, pro also can die!  ;D

since u post this msg, i keep asking proserpine to call u fight with me .

why u reject ? coz u can't beat me?  :facepalm:

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Adding a little salt to the wound. What happened again groc? You got owned in the arena one on one. You know im a ranger and you know what skills I have. You talked your smack and got put in your place. Then you cried about losing. Plain and simple you can't walk the walk. Don't step to me until you get some better equips cuz you'll just get beat down again. Oh and sonof beat you too one on one. And I do believe you had a bet with him that the loser would delete their character. And you backed out. What a waste. Here's what you should do  :mega_shok:

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Flame u talk too much, not me. U know im a bd, and i know u are ranger. I dont need any eq, coz im full bg set.. The problem is, why im lose. Coz gm not fair. U hv a scatter skill, and i hv aggro. If im aggro u, u still can hit me. But if u do scatter on me, nothing can i do. Well, ty for the duel. Ranger king arena right now, but remember next update i be back . If bd hv new skill like a ranger, nothing u can say. My turn to kick u from game . See yah :)

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hai...i know u rich....but please dont use pots when duel with me ok  :diablo: :diablo:


pots just for newbii or noob. :crazy: i respect legion. he not use pots when duel with me  :drinks: :drinks: i hate potter ok  :facepalm: .


I just saw this. Thank you for respecting me. As you respect me I respect you too. :drinks:

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Honestly groc I don't wanna see you go. True I may not like you. But then again I don't know you. I've been working on a bd just so I can face you on your own terms. Its nothing personal I think we got a good rivalry going. Don't leave or ill have to find someone else to fight.

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