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Blade Dancer Rush & Resist Glitches


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For a good while now, I'd say about over a year, the Blade Dancer Rush skill has certain glitches which is both annoying and exploitative, I know this because I constantly have this glitch. The skill will allow a blade dancer to Rush beyond the 5 yd AoE to stun more opponents and it can also not allow the Rush movement at all but instead just the AoE stun.

Besides that glitch with the Rush skill, theres a very prolonged wait time before the Rush movement begins, especially when being hit by opponents, and this prolonging also prevents the resist effect of Rush from being utilized properly. I feel like maybe a change is needed to prevent this slow skill activation along with allowing the resist effect to remain during the rush, because a blade dancer will be CC'd when they should be resisting it or they wont be able to Rush and instead just have the AoE stun.

Now for this new Resist skill, my only concern is stacking more than 3 resist buffs when the cd should not allow that, it happened 2x to me as i was into battle with a Legion party. The resist buffs were not going away and I gained up to 6 buffs when my cd should not allow that to happen. I don't know if it's a glitch or just a rare instance of stacking buffs.


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The buffs part is a visual bug. You only get the effect from the original stacks, noticed it aswell.


As for rush delay, it's probably bugged positions causing it

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