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  One day in the place of Pure Lake, there was a great and brave monster called "Lake Elemental", he is strong and anyone fear him to fight because he will kill you without any hesitation and this monster is a type of merciless killer. This monster have a bracelet, a bracelet that made of gold and when you sell this bracelet you will become the most powerful and most richest creature in your island. Many people sacrificing there life just to get this bracelet but they all failed, they are all killed by this monster, they are killed without any hesitation.  Other people got killed in the way because of the guards that defending this monster. This guards are strong warriors that came to different island just to defend and fight people who will try to kill the monster.

  But one day, a group of brave and strong warrior try to go to this monster. They named there group as "Heroes", this five people come from the land of the "Chosen", land where all people is practicing and having a fight to one another to become a strong warriors that will kill the guards and the Lake Elemental. As they go by in there way to the Lake Elemental they face many battles and kill half of the guards. And after killing half of the guards they decided to take a rest in an island called the "Wild Barren". They lay down there tired body to the grass and have some rest because of the battle they face. And after a just minute they all sleep. While they are sleeping one of the Assassin of the Lake Elemental notice them, he make himself invisible and go near to the warriors and stab one of them. And the Ranger got stab on his back the blood drip to his body that make him scream in pain and all the warrior awakened get there weapons and they kill the Assassin merciless. The Druid get his staff and heal immediately the dying Ranger, but the heal did not cure the Ranger. The brave Ranger got killed by the Assassin of Lake Elemental he sacrifice himself just to have to precious bracelet. The Four Warriors left get angry they go and attacked all the remaining guards without any hesitation, they kill all the guards one by one. They go and advance to there way to reach the "Pure Lake", and after all the battle they face, they now reach the land of Pure Lake. In this land there is a remaining guards, there was a Four Heroic Guards that defend the Lake Elemental. They are so strong, they kill many people attempting to go to Lake Elemental, they have the greatest weapon among of all the guards this weapons called the "Sudden Doom Weapon". But the "Heroes" did not show any fear to them, they fight this Heroic Guards with all of there strength. The battle took to long, the fight make them all tired, but the Heroes focus on fight, they remember how the Ranger sacrifice himself just to have the Elemental Bracelet. And after the long fight they all killed the Heroic Guards, they killed all by Hamstrings, Lightning Bolt, and Purifying.

  They cross now in the land where the Lake Elemental staying. They see the face of the Lake Elemental, they got scared, they don't know what to do on how to kill the monster, they forget all the training that they have. But one of the Heroes shout and said "Don't be scared, we trained and make this far just to kill that monster, and all one of our member sacrifice himself just to have the Elemental Bracelet, we will fight him in all of our strength!", after that all gained Strength and Fighting Spirit. They all attack the Lake Elemental. But the Lake Elemental is so strong they can't take him down and get killed. But the Druid use a Spell he use Root to the Lake Elemental. And after a hard battle they killed the Lake Elemental and take his Elemental Bracelet, they all scream and shouting for there victory and they say to that "The sacrifice of the Ranger is not wasted".






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